Are you having a Good or Bad Air Day?

Check your tyres air pressure is the message for the 2017 TyreSafe campaign, as over 1 in 3 tyres are being driven at least 8psi below the vehicle manufacturers’ recommendation.

Your tyres air pressure has a decisive influence on the way your vehicle accelerates, brakes and corners. Safe tyres with the correct air pressure can reduce the risks to you, your passengers and all road users

  • More than half of Britain’s motorists are driving on over or underinflated tyres
  • Driving on under-inflated tyres increases your risk of being involved in an incident on the roads
  • Driving on under-inflated tyres increases your fuel bill and how quickly your tyres wear

While the need to carry out regular tyre checks may seem obvious an alarming number of Britain’s motorists are replacing their tyres only when they have already become illegal and dangerous. If they carried out tyre checks, this avoidable safety issue could be rectified.

Your tyres are the only thing connecting your vehicle to the road and good grip is essential especially during the winter weather. If tyres are not roadworthy then they could make a vehicle slide and skid on wet roads, which can be a frightening experience for any driver and this can be potentially dangerous for you and other road users.

ACT every month. Check your tyre’s Air pressure, Condition and Tread depth.

Take a look at the short video from Tyre Safe

More advice from tyresafe.org.

Get your tyres checked for free

Drivers are being offered safety advice and a FREE tyre health check to ensure their tyres have safe thread depth and that they are properly inflated during the month of October.

The Road Safety Education Team and firefighters will be out and about around the county joined by Tyre Safe partners offering Free tyre health checks.

  • Kidlington – Tuesday 3rd October at Sainsbury’s 10am to12:30pm
  • Oxford, Heyford Hill - Wednesday 25th October at Sainsbury's 10am to 2pm
  • Henley - Friday, 27th October at Tesco’s 10am to 2pm 
  • Faringdon -  Tuesday 31st October at Tesco’s 10am to 2pm

Unable to attend any of the events?

Tyre Safe members nationally are offering a free tyre health checks throughout the whole month, find your local retailer.

A few facts and figures from tyre safe that might surprise you

  • 3% more fuel used when pressure is 6 psi below recommended inflation
  • For every 10% a tyre is under-inflated. Its wear can increase by 10%
  • £600 million is wasted yearly on fuel costs by British motorists driving with under-inflated tyres
  • 56.8% of car tyres in the UK are at least 4 psi below recommended pressures