Footsteps road safety training helps children to learn to think for themselves and gradually get better at dealing with roads and traffic. It could save their lives - so it's one of the most important things a child needs to learn.Parent and child at roadside

Parents are encouraged to take their children to the roadside for practical training. Children are not told what to do but are encouraged to make their own choices and decisions about what they see and hear through questioning. As time goes on they get better at deciding what they have to do to keep safe in various traffic situations.

Footsteps for parents and carers

As parents and carers you are the best people to teach road safety to your children, because you spend the most time with them. Use every opportunity when out walking to ask your children questions on what they are seeing and hearing in the traffic environment. Let your children make their own choices and decisions wherever possible at the roadside.

If you would like to use the Footsteps to teach your child road safety skills click on the link to download our Footsteps Parents Guide.

Footsteps for childminders

If you are doing Footsteps training with the children in your care, it is vital that the parents are also involved. The continuity will benefit the children, and enable them to develop these vital road safety skills further.

You should provide parents with a Footsteps leaflet which gives advice on how they can help their child learn this vital life skill. Click on the link to download our Footsteps Parents Guide.