Holiday adventures

Drago and his brother Flash are going on a camping holiday to the seaside.

They are both very excited and really looking forward to sleeping in a tent and having lots of barbecues. Burgers and hot dogs are their favourites.

What are you going to do on your holiday this year?

If you are going camping or to the seaside remember to follow Drago’s top tips.

  • Keep play areas away from barbecues.
  • Only use barbecue fire lighters or starter fuel on cold coals.
  • Keep candles or naked flames away from tents – use a torch or battery lantern instead.
  • Adults should smoke outside and not in the tent.
  • Barbecues should stay outside, even if you think they are out, don’t bring them into your tent.
  • Check with your parents or carer before going into the sea and make sure you have a grown-up with you at all times.
  • Yellow and red flags show where a life guard patrols the beach.
  • Stay out of the sea if there is a red flag on the beach.

Drago and Flash’s holiday adventure

Download and print Drago and Flash’s holiday adventure and find out what the young dragons go up to on their holiday.