How are we doing?

What do we want to achieve in 2020-21?

6,000 more people alive as a result of our prevention, protection and emergency response activities.

2020-2021 Q1 cumulative target: 268

109 more people alive
159 worse than target

85,000 children and young adults to be better educated to lead safer and healthier lives.

2020-21 Q1 cumulative target: 3,862

0 children & young people educated
3,862 worse than target

37,500 vulnerable children and adults helped to lead more secure and independent lives supported by safe and well visits.

2020-21 Q1 cumulative target: 1,540

1,878 vulnerable children & adults helped
338 better than target

20,000 businesses given advice and support to grow

2020-21 Q1 cumulative target: 830

544 businesses supported
286 worse than target

1.6 million safety messages delivered across social media platforms

2020-21 Q1 cumulative target: 68,394

838,623 safety messages delivered
770,229 better than target

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