How to make a fire escape plan

If a fire starts in your home it can be very scary. Having and practicing a fire escape plan will help you and your family know what to do if there is a fire.

When making your fire escape plan sit down with all your family and make the fire escape plan together, this way everyone is involved and will know what to do in the event of a fire.

You could even write down your family's escape plan and draw your escape routes on Drago’s fire escape planner. Put it up as reminder of what to do if there is a fire somewhere where it will be seen regularly. 

When making your fire escape plan

  • Make sure you have working smoke alarms on every level of your house
  • Your usual way in and out of your home is the best escape route
  • always choose a second escape route in case your first choice is blocked
  • Keep all exits clear, do not block them with shoes, bags, bicycles or other objects
  • Make sure everyone in the house knows where the door and window keys are kept
  • Keep door and window keys in the correct place at all times
  • Think about the problems you may have getting out, you may need to use a torch at night as it will be dark
  • If you live in a flat never use the lift if there is a fire
  • Think now about which room it would be best to go into if you are unable to escape

What to do if there is a fire

If you are woken up by the sound of your smoke alarm or by the sound of what you think is a fire

  • Stay calm and wake all the members of your family
  • Make your way out together, through the nearest exit or chosen escape route
  • Before you open a door check to see if it feels hot by feeling them with the back of your hand, if they are warm don’t open them – the fire is on the other side
  • Do not open any doors other than the ones you need to escape through and make sure you close them behind you to help stop the fire from spreading
  • Don’t stop to look for pets or your favourite toys
  • Make sure you all stay together if you are escaping with your family
  • If there is a lot of smoke crawl along the floor as the air will be clearer
  • When everyone is safely outside the house call the fire service from a mobile phone, public telephone box or neighbours house
  • Never ever go back in to the house for any reason until the Fire & Rescue Service tell you it is safe to do so

Unable to escape by your chosen fire escape routes

  • Be prepared, choose a room where you will be safe - think now about which room might be best for this, you will need a window that can be opened and if possible a phone for calling 999
  • Get everyone into one room
  • Close the door and put cushions, towels or bedding at the bottom of the door to block the smoke
  • Open the window for fresh air
  • Call 999 or shout for help and get someone else to make the call

If your clothes catch fire

  • STOP: Get down on the Floor.
  • DROP: Don’t run, it will make the fire worse.
  • ROLL: Roll back and forth to put out the flames.

Remember to practice your escape plan with your family on a regular basis.