Keep toys safe

Drago’s toys get spread out all over his bedroom floor. Sometimes you can hardly see the carpet. When he’s allowed to he loves playing downstairs in the living room. When it is cold they have a fire in the living room and it is nice and warm. Drago is extra careful not to get too close to the fire as it is very hot and he doesn’t want to get hurt.

Drago’s favourite toy is his red car. He loves to do racing laps all over the house getting faster and faster. He doesn’t look where he is going and Mummy Dragon has to tell him off as he nearly trips her up as he goes whizzing by.

He’s also not very good at putting his toys away and is always leaving them on the floor in his bedroom and the living room. Mummy Dragon keeps telling him to tidy them up, but if he leaves it long enough she gets fed up and tidies them up for him. The problem with this is he can never find what he’s looking for after she put them away.

A few months ago Drago left one of his cars out in the living room. Daddy Dragon didn’t spot it and stood on it and slid across the room. He only just managed to stay standing up. The car wasn’t so lucky there was a loud snap and it broke. After this Drago always makes sure his favourite car is out of the way, he would be very sad if it got broken.

Drago would like to share his tips for playing safely with you

  • Don’t leave your toys or games lying around, someone could fall over them or stand on them and break them.
  • If you have an open fire or heaters in your home make sure you do not leave your toys, games or clothing lying around near them.  A spark from a fire could fly out and set light to them.
  • Don’t get too close to a heater or open fires if you have loose clothing or nightclothes as your clothing may melt or ignite.
  • Never play or mess around in the kitchen - especially when someone is cooking.
  • Don’t leave clothes lying around near lights, plugs or heat sources, put them in the wash bin or back in your wardrobe or draws.