Never play with matches or lighters

Drago really really wants to be a lamp lighter like his Daddy. His older brother Flash is already learning how to light the lamps. Drago often watches Flash and Daddy go off to work.  

Drago is not a happy dragon he really wants to make fire by all he can manage is to blow a few puffs of smoke. His Mummy tells him he will be old enough to breathe fire one day.

However his brother Flash introduces him to matches and both Drago and Flash learn a very important lesson on why you should never play with matches, lighters or fire.

Drago learnt the hard way that you should not play with fire and now wants to share his tips so you don’t have to.

After reading Drago's tips join Drago's crew by downloading and printing your fire safety awareness certificate.

  • Matches and lighters
  • Never play with matches and lighters, fire is dangerous and you could get hurt. 
  • If you see matches or lighters lying around or if you see anyone playing with matches and lighters tell a grown up straight away, fire is dangerous and they could get hurt. 
  • If anyone suggests you play with matches or lighters, say no and tell a grown up. 

If you understand the importance of not playing with matches and lighters and being fire safe you can join Drago’s crew.  To join his crew download the membership certificate.