Think biker

A motorcyclist is one of the most vulnerable road users. There are no seatbelts, airbags or side impact bars to protect them.Can you see the biker

Motorcyclists can be difficult to spot on the roads. It is not easy to judge their speed and they can be hidden from view behind a tree, lamp post, telegraph pole or bend.

Be on the lookout

  • Be extra vigilant for motorcyclists.
  • Regularly check your mirrors for motorcyclists.

At junctions check and check again

  • Wait a couple of extra seconds before pulling out.
  • Make sure a motorcyclist isn't hidden from your view. They can easily be hidden from view by lamp posts or telegraph poles.
  • Let the motorcyclist pass before pulling out. Research shows that it is difficult to judge a motorcyclists speed.
  • When turning always check for motorcyclists. Remember they may pass you on either side.

When in traffic

  • Check for motorcyclists when changing lanes.
  • Especially when changing lanes in slow moving traffic as they filter through the traffic.
  • Leave plenty of room between you and a motorcycle.