The first 10 years of 365alive

365alive was first launched as a 10 year vision in 2006. The 10 year aims were to:

  • Save an extra 365 lives in Oxfordshire, both in the home and on our roads
  • Save the taxpayer 100 million pounds
  • Make 840,000 people safer by providing education on fire and road safety

We reached our targets by year 8 and set set ourselves further stretch targets for the final two years.      

  • Save an extra 11 lives per year
  • Save an additional £2.5 million per year
  • Make an extra 20,000 people safer

How we performed

365alive 10 year performance figures are:

365 more people alive because of a reduction in deaths caused by accidental dwelling fires and road traffic collisions

  • Target more people alive 380
  • Actual more people alive 496
  • Above target by 116

£100,000,000 savings to the national economy because of a reduction in the number and severity of fires and road traffic collisions

  • Target savings £110,405,472
  • Actual savings £178,013,280
  • Above target by £67,607,808

840,000 safety messages delivered to young people and adults, who live, work or travel in Oxfordshire

  • Target safety messages 880,000
  • Actual safety messages 1,298,989
  • Above target by 418,989

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