Junior Citizens Trust

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Junior Citizens Trust is a partnership programme that provides safety education to year six school children.

The children participate in eight interactive safety scenarios, where they make the decisions and learn from their mistakes in a safe, supervised environment.

Fire Safety

Raises awareness of how and where fires start, the possible results and what to do in specific situations.

Personal Protective Awareness

Role-play exercise set up in response to specific situations that could be encountered during everyday life.

Home Dangers

Spot the danger in this home, dangerous appliances, items, dangerous substances and situations around the home.

Be Rail Safe

Brings home the dangers of being near or on the railways. We highlight various risks and potential outcomes.

First Aid

How to prioritise in an emergency and how to put someone in the recovery position.

Water Safety

An imaginary water area with a person drowning highlights what can be done to help.

Road Safety

The opportunity to practice basic road safety rules and procedures on our road.

Internet Safety / Bullying

On alternate years the dangers of the internet and bulling ( whether it's in person or cyber bullying) are covered.

For further information about the programme or how to request a visit for your school please visit the Junior Citizens Trust website.