Motorcycling's seen as a summer pursuit, however for the commuter and some leisure riders, riding continues throughout the winter months.

Riding in the winter weather brings additional hazards so follow our top tips and have a safe journey.

Good kit

  • Get the best kit you can and wear layers underneath.
  • Stay warm and dry and you'll concentrate better.

Good tyres

  • Winter roads are slippery. Good tyres give you the grip you need.

Keep it clean

  • Give your visor a gentle wipe with a clean, damp cloth when you get home. Road salt's like sandpaper.
  • Give your bike a weekly clean. It stops brake callipers seizing and makes sure you spot problems early.

Ride for the conditions

  • Winter means wet, soggy leaves - avoid them. They're as slippery as ice!
  • Watch the areas under bridges and in tree shadows, even when the rest of the road is ice-free - they're ice traps.
  • Slippery roads mean longer stopping distances. Look, indicate and plan much further ahead.
  • Ease the throttle on and off. Putting all your power down will spin your back wheel.
  • Avoid travelling in high winds.  High cross winds affect the handling of the motorcycle.

Tank Commanders

  • Assume any driver in a misted-up car, or peering through a hand-wiped slit in the screen, can't see you.