Top tips

Do you cycle to work, school or just for pleasure?


Get into good habits

  • Obey traffic signs and traffic lights; the Highway Code applies to cyclists too.
  • Cycle at least half a metre from the kerb to avoid drains and gutters.
  • Don’t ride on the pavement, except where it is designated as cycle path - where this is the case, moderate your speed and take care when passing pedestrians and give way at junctions.
  • If a road junction is busy, do not feel you have to continue cycling; you can always get off push your bike / walk on the pavement.
  • Don't weave in and out of traffic or change direction suddenly without signalling.
  • Give pedestrians priority when necessary.
  • Use your bell to inform other road users of your presence - fit a bell if your bicycle is not fitted with one.
  • If you are not confident cycling in moving traffic you may want to consider further cycle training.

Is your bike road worthy?

Why wear a helmet?

  • Wearing a cycle helmet will help to protect your head. Make sure it is the correct size and properly fitted

Are you visible?

  • Wear high-visibility clothing or accessories.
  • Or something white or bright.
  • Have working lights and reflectors.

What’s going on around you?

  • Have a good look around before starting, stopping, turning left and right and also before overtaking parked vehicles.
  • Use your ears as well as your eyes.
  • Do not use a mobile phone or mp3 / iPod’s as they will distract you; you need all your senses so you are aware of everything around you.

Make eye contact with drivers

  • Make eye contact where possible so you know drivers have seen you.