Utility failure

Power cuts and loss of other utilities can happen at any time and with little warning. You may benefit from joining the utility company priority service registers.

What is the Priority Service?

You can’t always predict when an emergency situation may cause a disruption to your utility provision. If you register for the priority service register with your local supplier, they will do their upmost to prevent your supply from going off and, if it does, make sure that your service returns as a matter of urgency, providing additional support if necessary in the meantime.

Depending on the provided, extra assistance may include:

  • Hot drinks and food
  • Charging points
  • Generators
  • Delivery of bottled water to your home
  • Temporary heating and cooking appliances

Are you eligible?

If you receive a state pension, are disabled or have a child under the age of 5, then you may benefit from joining the utility priority care registers. If you rely on one or more of the following, you will also be eligible to join:

  • Home dialysis machine
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Artificial ventilator
  • Stair lift
  • Adjustible bed

If you are eligible and would like to register for the priority service, contact your provider(s) using the following contact details.

Water companies

Thames Water

Anglian Water


Electricity providers

If you are unsure which company supplies your power check your last bill.


UK Power Network (OX9, OX18)

  • Online
  • Phone: 0800 169 9970 and leave a message with your details asking for a Priority Services Register form. Once completed post it to: Priority Services Coordinator, UK Power Networks, Fore Hamlet, Ipswich, IP3 8AA
  • For more information please visit UK Power Network's website.

Western Power Distribution (OX15, OX16, OX17)


Gas companies

Scotia Gas Network (SGN)

  • Call 0800 912 1700 for more information.

Call the number on your gas bill and ask your supplier about joining their Priority Service Register.

Need more information on household and community resilience?

Contact the Oxfordshire County Council Emergency Planning Team


Will your phone work?

Make sure you have a plug in phone or mobile so you can still make and receive calls during a power failure.

Check your neighbours are okay

Make sure your neighbours are okay, especially if they are elderly or vulnerable as they may rely on a stair lift or pendant alarm, which may not be working.