After a flood

If you have been affected by flooding you will want to return to your home as soon as possible. However, there could be damage to the electrics in your property.

Before you do anything, take a look at our top tips

  • Have a torch at hand when entering your home. Do not use candles.
  • Do not touch any electrical switch or appliance until you know it is safe to do so.
  • Switch of the electricity supply at the mains. If you are not sure that it has been switched off or are not sure how to switch off the mains supply, you should get a qualified person to do this.
  • Never touch sources of electricity while standing in floodwater.
  • The electricity supply should remain switched off until you have had it checked out by a registered electrician who has confirmed it is safe to turn in back on.
  • Make sure any electrical appliance that’s been in contact with floodwater is checked out by a qualified electrician.
  • Do not attempt any electrical repairs yourself. Always use a registered electrician.