Be safe be seen

Be safe be seen.  You may see the driver but have they seen you?

Will you be bright and help drivers to see you especially at night?

  • You could wear something bright or light coloured.  
  • Or clothing and accessories that incorporate reflective materials. These are good especially at dawn and dusk, or in rainy or foggy conditions.

In the morning and at night

  • Be cautious when walking at dawn or twilight.  As drivers still have limited visibility or may even have the setting or rising sun directly in their eyes.

When possible always use the pavement

  • Always use a pavement or footpath whenever these are available. Take care particularly around entrances to driveways and car parks.
  • No pavement?
    • Walk on the right hand side of the road to face traffic coming towards you.
    • Walking one behind the other.
    • Take extra care if you can't see the road very far ahead e.g. bends in the road.