Transition journey

Your child is about to go through some big changes in their life, moving from Primary School up to Secondary School. 

Young people are in a higher risk group as road users during the early years of secondary school. This may be the first time your child is travelling to school without you.

Help prepare them for their new school journey and make sure they have the skills needed to judge traffic and make safer decisions.

Will your child be walking to school?

Before your child starts school in September discuss and practise the new school route together.

  • Practise the route during the school holidays; even though the traffic is likely to be lighter or different from the normal school run, it will help.
  • Under your guidance, let your child plan their route, and maybe alternative’s as well, allowing them to work out problems for themselves as far as possible.
  • Discuss any changes to the routine, such as visits to friend’s houses, after-school clubs or late finishing and how this might affect their safety, e.g. might it be dark, could the route involve busy roads, will they be alone or in a group?
  • Discuss with your child about using mobile phones and MP3 players while walking or cycling. Is it a safe thing to do?  Can they concentrate on traffic if they are distracted or cannot hear?  
  • Talk about behaviour on the journey to school and how to overcome peer pressure and stay sensible.
  • Is your child worried about this new journey or are they feeling confident?

Have you used our Footsteps Parents Guide to teach your child?