Burst water pipes

Burst pipes can be a real nuisance and something we all want to avoid.Frozen pipe

What can you do to stop pipes from freezing?

  • Ensure pipes are correctly insulated.
  • Keep your heating on low, particularly overnight or when leaving the property empty during spells of cold weather.
  • Run cold taps regularly.
  • If you have an outside tap drain if possible.

If your pipes are frozen

  • The most important thing to do is to turn your stop-cock off straight away.
  • Wait for the pipes to defrost naturally if possible.
  • Seek specialist advice to check all pipe work for potential damage. If they have split you may get a leak when the pipe thaws.

Can I thaw my pipes?

  • It can be dangerous to thaw your pipes. Do not use a blow torch as this will create a fire risk and you may set fire to materials close to your pipes.

What should I do if there is a leak?

  • Make sure your stop-cock is turned off to prevent further damage.
  • Turn off your electricity to prevent water coming into contact with electrics: e.g. sockets, lights or appliances.
  • Turn off the gas.
  • Move valuable or sentimental items to a safe place.
  • Contact your insurance company and seek advice about any potential claims.
  • Contact a specialist to repair any damage.