Camping is a great fun for all the family. Have a happy and fun holiday, and make sure you and your family stay safe when camping.

Cooking and barbecues

  • Cook outside, even fire-retardant tents can catch fire and there is the added danger carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Place your cooking area well away from the tent.
  • Clear your cooking area of items that catch fire easily.
  • Don’t cook or barbecue near long dry grass, it is easy to set it alight.
  • Never place a barbecue within the tent or enclosure.
    • A warm, smouldering barbecue gives off plenty of poisonous carbon monoxide.
    • In an enclosed space like a tent, carbon monoxide can build up to dangerous levels very quickly.
  • Put cooking appliances in a place where they can’t easily be knocked over and away from draughts.
  • Don’t build an open fire. Use a barbecue or gas stove to cook on.

Happy camping

  • Tents should be set up at least six metres apart and away from parked cars, other tents and caravans.
  • Torches are safer. Never allow naked flames like lanterns or candles in or near a tent.
  • Don’t use oil-burning appliances inside the tent.
  • Don’t smoke inside a tent.
  • Keep matches, lighters, flammable liquids and gas cylinders out of the reach of children.

In case the worst ever happens make sure

  • That you have an escape plan and share this with everyone in the tent.
  • You know how to escape by cutting your way out of the tent if there is a fire.
  • Everyone knows the location of the nearest telephone and where applicable the nearest fire point.
  • Everyone knows how to escape danger, where the fire nearest fire point and how to make an emergency call.
  • In the event of a fire get everyone out straight away. Call the fire and rescue service and give your location.