Drago learns about water safety

Drago loves going to the park to feed the ducks. He has even more fun when his friends, Dolly, Ashley and Dash are there as well.

Today he is going to the park with Ashley and Ashley’s Mummy. The friends never go to the park their own, and always make sure one of their Mummies is with them before feeding the ducks. They stay well back from the edge and always keep behind the safety fence as they don't want to slip and fall in.

Drago’s friend Ashley learnt the hard way to stay away from water when she fell into his Grampy’s pond.

Ashley loves going to visit her Granny and Grampy. They have a pond and she likes watching the frogs but her favourites are the dragonflies.

One day she was out in the garden with Grampy. Ashley was watching the Dragonflies hovering over the water. She got nearer and nearer the pond to get a better look at that them.

“Ashley come away from the edge, it’s dangerous to get too close. You could fall in,” said Grampy Dragon as he sees Ashley getting closer and closer to the pond.

“I won’t. I’ll be careful Grampy,” relied Ashley.

But Ashley couldn’t help herself she had to get closer to see a blue Dragonfly. The stones around the pond were wet and slippery and Ashley slipped and fell in the pond.

Luckily for Ashley Grampy had been watching her. He was able to quickly pulled Ashley out of the Pond.

Ashley was very shaken and scared. She had also swallowed a mouth full of pond water, which tasted disgusting.  To be on the safe side Ashley was taken to hospital. The Doctor told Ashley’s parents and Grampy that she had been lucky indeed. If Grampy hadn’t been in the garden and keeping an eye on Ashley it could have been much worse for Ashley.

The next day Grampy Dragon went out and bought a mesh to go over the pond, he also built a fence around the pond. Ashley always stays behind the fence and never gets near to any pond edges.  Or the edge of any rivers or lakes, she doesn’t want to fall in ever again!

Ashley’s Mummy and Daddy sat down with her when she returned home and talked to her about how she should never go up to the water’s edge as it is very dangerous.

She agreed, and is never going to go close to the edge ever again as it was very very scary. When she is out and about she always make’s sure she has a grown-up with her and will hold their hands if she is near water.

Ashley would like you to be safe near water too

  • Never get near the edge of a river, canal, lake or a pond - you could easily fall in
  • Always have a grown-up with you when you are near a pond, lake, river or canal
  • Don’t run near water you may slip and fall in – hold a grown-up’s hand
  • Never walk on frozen lakes, ponds or rivers – the ice can be very thin and you call fall through it into the freezing water
  • Even if it is really hot and you want to cool off - a grown-up needs to be with you before you get into a paddling pool
  • Don’t play near water