Health and general safety

Feeling unwell?

Inhaling hot smoke can cause harm to the respiratory system. This may only be noticed after a several hours. 

Suffering from the after effects of fumes or smoke inhalation? Contact the NHS 111 service, your doctor or hospital. Also contact them if you feel unwell at any time after the fire.

Your pets

Like you, your pets may have been affected by the incident.  Prompt treatment from a vet may be necessary.  The RSPCA or PDSA charities offer help and advice.

Air quality

Fires can produce unhealthy chemicals. These can be absorbed by some surfaces during the fire. Which are then slowly released as unpleasant gases.

Tiny particles of carbon can float in the air for hours or even days after the fire. Take steps to limit your exposure to this poor quality air, especially directly after the fire.

  • Open doors and windows. This will help improve the air quality so you can carry put immediate tasks and help you avoid or reduce the inhalation of pos-fire particles.
  • Sufferers from allergies, breathing difficulties or asthma should keep away from the property until the air quality improves.

General safety

Try not to turn this disaster into a catastrophe. If your property has been affected by fire there will be many hazards. Some obvious and others less so, which could threaten your health and safety unless you take correct precautions.

  • Always wear protective rubber gloves when handling contaminated belongs. Simple domestic washing up gloves will suffice in most instances. 
  • Wear a tougher gardening glove over washing up gloves when handling potentially sharp objects. This will help to prevent cuts which can become infected.
  • Use eye protection such as goggles to stop dust particles and slashes entering your eyes.
  • Wear suitable footwear to protect your feet.