Become a Test it Tuesday champion

Drago’s Granny moves in just round the corner and they all help her move in and unpack. Daddy Dragon fits new smoke alarms to help make Granny Dragon safer.

But Granny Dragon is naughty and keeps removing the battery out of the smoke alarm to use for other things.

After a long day baking and feeding Drago lots of cakes and lemonade Granny Dragon falls asleep whilst her dinner is cooking.

Her dinner burns and catches fire, but Granny doesn’t notice as she is still asleep and there is no smoke alarm to warn her and wake her up.

Luckily for Granny, Drago’s friend Dolly is walking home past Granny’s house with her Mummy. They call 999 and the Fire & Rescue Service rescue Granny Dragon.

Drago becomes the ‘Test it Tuesday Champion’ for Granny and makes sure her smoke alarm is working by pushing the button to make it beep once a week.

Granny Dragon never ever removes the battery from her smoke alarm again and takes extra care when cooking and never leaves it unattended.

Drago would like you to become the Test it Tuesday champion for your family

  • Working smoke alarms are important as they warn you if there’s a fire and give you and your family time to escape.
  • As the Test it Tuesday champion, make sure your smoke alarms are tested every Tuesday, if you are unable to reach ask a grown up test them for you.
  • You could even encourage your family and friends to get into the 'Test it Tuesday' routine and help get the people of Oxfordshire testing their smoke alarms every Tuesday.
  • Why not download and print off Drago’s test your smoke alarm tracker and tick the tracker every time your families smoke alarms are tested.

If you are the Test it Tuesday champion for your family Drago would like you to download and print off the certificate.